The Poison and The Antidote

Episode Summary

This week, we heard from an awesome listener who wants to support a friend who is receiving bad treatment from her family for being gay. Strong content warnings for homophobia, discussion of religion. We threw in "levity breaks" to add a little laughter back into this stupid world. Timestamps below! Cancer Mention Start time: 1m35s Duration: 4s Being Gross about the word "Engorged" Start Tim3: 3m19s Duration: 6s Levity Break #1 Start Time: 15m21s Duration: 3m45s Levity Break #2 Start Time: 28m20s Duration 2m12s ANGRY BREAK: Straight Pride Start Time: 33m44s Duration: 3m22s Levity Break #3 37m04s Duration 1m50s